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"Caricature Portrait of Ray Harryhausen"

$400.00 USD
"Caricature Portrait of Ray Harryhausen"

This 16 x 20 caricature portrait of famed stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen was painted back in 2010 and purchased by my very good friend and fellow artist Brent Armstrong. When Brent passed in October of 2022, his family did not feel comfortable selling the painting so they returned it to me. To honor Brent's memory, I am now reselling the painting at the exact same price Brent paid for it back then. All proceeds from the sale of the painting will be donated in Brent's name to a charity or non-profit organization that helps people overcome substance abuse and addiction. (Beneficiary TBD)

16 x 20. Oil on Stretched Canvas unframed. Artwork © Mark Tavares

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